Team development

Liminal Play unlocks the potential of teams with unique experiential approaches informed by Gestalt, systemic and cutting edge human-centred leadership theory. 

Rehumanising work through play

Team facilitation

Attracting and retaining a high performing workforce is a significant challenge facing employers today. But the Great Resignation also provides organisations with the opportunity to consider how work can be a force for good – for people and our planet.

I work with senior teams to facilitate conversations that align individuals and their organisation to their purpose and flourishing. This alignment leads to more satisfying relationships, greater engagement in meaningful work, and enhances adaptive and innovative responses for an ever-changing world. 

These moments of vivid awareness and relational experience serve as a common reference for shared sense-making and meaning long after the bricks are packed away.

Systems sense-making for difficult times

Leadership coaching and team facilitation

Future generations will see clearly what is difficult for many to acknowledge today – that our present moment in history is characterised by intense disruption and turmoil. Yet in the many facets of our current crises also lie seeds of possibility.

I support leaders and senior teams in system sensing, learning to ‘listen loudly’ to the time and place in which they stand. By using three-dimensional objects, maps and a felt-sense, we can engage powerful parts of our brains that are not easily accessed using only words.

With greater awareness of what is really going on, leaders and teams have a wider range of meaningful responses that help them move forward with greater ease, efficiency and alignment.

This approach using mapping and metaphor is designed to provide an accessible and effective structure for participants who have no previous experience with system sensing.  

“The times are urgent, let us slow down”

Bayo Akomolafe, philosopher

What to expect

These services are available in-person in the Australasia region, as well as online to suit a variety of time zones (coaching is offered in Melbourne and online). 

All sessions are designed bespoke according to your needs and budget, but the best results come from working together over the course of 6-12 months. 

The relationship between coach and coachee is one of the most significant factors in effective coaching. I offer a free no-obligation 45 minute discovery call for us to jointly clarify what you want from coaching, my methods, and whether we wish to go forward. If you would like to book a call, please get in touch.

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