Meaning and purpose

Helping you find and follow your thread

Coaching for a meaningful life

People are often drawn to coaching when facing a significant obstacle or transition. What this looks like on the surface varies, but what lies beneath is often a desire to connect and live from a deeper sense of self and purpose – where values, strengths, relationships and contribution align. 

Coaching is not about me telling you the answers, but helping you develop the skills to listen into your own inner voice. 

Through a process of deepening awareness, intentionally inviting what nourishes you, and creative ways of exploring what lies beneath the surface, you are able to find your place – your unique thread – and see how it stretches from the past to the present and into the future.

"Every journey, honestly undertaken, stands a chance of taking us toward the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need." 

Parker Palmer, teacher & author

What to expect

The relationship between coach and coachee is one of the most significant factors in effective coaching. I offer a free no-obligation 45 minute discovery call for us to jointly clarify what you want from coaching, my methods, and whether we wish to go forward. If you would like to book a call, please get in touch.

Coaching for a Meaningful Life is available in-person in Melbourne (Central and Eastern suburbs), as well as online to suit a variety of time zones. 

I work with clients in blocks of six hours, and most sessions will run for one hour. 

I will offer you homework to help you achieve the most from our time together and embed this change into your ongoing life and work. This may include reading/listening, soliciting feedback, and regular reflection activities.

Liminal Play’s use of mapping, metaphor and play is designed to be flexible, not prescriptive. The sessions are yours and all approaches can be scaled according to your needs. They also work equally well regardless of whether we meet in-person or online. 

Packages cost AU$1,500, payable in advance. If this is difficult in your circumstances, please ask about split payments. 

Imagine we decide to work together 


It’s six months later and it has been really useful for you. 

How would you know it had been worthwhile?