The margins,

between what is known and what is waiting to emerge.

This is the place where

courage, creativity and new clarity arise.

What are your meaningful responses

to the future you wish to see?

Liminal Play is an invitation to a new relationship with change

These troubled times require each of us to reconnect with our agency, our purpose, and what sustains us going forward. Liminal Play invites you into a right sized relationship with the power of your choices and a deeper understanding of what matters most to you.

It starts with the acknowledgment of ‘what is’, in the here and now.  And as you become more acquainted with the textures and patterns of reality in the present moment, you realise the emerging future and its possibilities have already begun. 

What might a playful relationship with the unknown show you?

A casual photo of Joanna Maberly. She is a young Caucasian woman with short hair, wearing a blue dress. She is smiling at the camera. In the background is her work desk with pink envelopes and bags of LEGO bricks.

Welcome, I'm Joanna Maberly

I help you make sense of where you stand and find meaningful responses to the future you wish to see.

I am deeply inspired by how awareness can help us see the future within our present moment, and the power of doing this with others. You can learn more about how I came to this work at about me.

Whether you relate to the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of people, planet and profit, or you are drawn to a bolder reimagining of what is possible, I firmly believe there is a role – and responsibility – for each person and organisation to find their own meaningful response.

Creating spaces to explore the thresholds of change

Through coaching and facilitation I create spaces for individuals and teams to explore the thresholds of change. 

I draw from broad professional experience across neuroscience, human development, positive psychology and leadership development theory – but at its heart this is awareness-based systems change and the power of being human together. My methods are fresh, fun and remarkably effective – a unique blend of metaphor, mapping and play which welcomes the right hemisphere and the body as credible – and essential – partners.  

What will you get from it? Neither of us can say at this point. But you will leave with a greater sense of ease, clarity and confidence, knowing that what needs to happen next has already begun. 

You can discover more at work together or via the headings below.

"An approach that is rich in content, accommodating as a methodology, elicits critical thinking effortlessly, and a lot of fun!" 

Mapping the Margins

These blogs reflect my personal experiences of living and working in the threshold spaces, and what is meaningful for me.

Curious what working together might look like? 

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