Liminal Play creates spaces to explore thresholds of change —

The margins between what is known and what is waiting to emerge

Where courage, creativity and new clarity arise

Helping us live and work in meaningful ways.

Welcome to Liminal Play

I’m Joanna Maberly, a Chartered Manager, coach and facilitator who helps individuals and teams find what brings them alive. You can learn more about how I came to this work at about me.

I help teams and individuals live and work in more meaningful ways by creating spaces to explore the edges of our knowing. I work with unconventional, engaging and remarkably effective methods – online and in person. 

I am deeply inspired by how awareness can help us see the future within our present moment, and the power of doing this with others. 

From the starting place of people, planet and profit, I believe we have the potential to reach towards even greater and regenerative change in the world, as trustees for the generations that follow us. 

A casual photo of Joanna Maberly. She is a young Caucasian woman with short hair, wearing a blue dress. She is smiling at the camera. In the background is her work desk with pink envelopes and bags of LEGO bricks.

What I Offer

I use a unique combination of play and mapping approaches which allow intangible systems dynamics to be seen, touched and experienced. You can discover more at work together or by clicking the images below.

Having recently relocated from London to Melbourne, I now offer in-person services within Australia and New Zealand, as well as continuing online work with clients across the English-speaking world. 


I could do this again and again

"It is an approach that is rich in content, accommodating as an methodology, elicits critical thinking effortlessly, and a lot of fun! As an educator, it was intriguing to see how one can weave in the 21st Century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication and team work."

Dr Ronda Zelezny-Green

Global Head, Training and e-Learning, Internet Society

A light activity with deep impact

"If you are curious about how playing with purpose might help you and your team, I encourage you to connect with Joanna. Her skilful facilitation and insight made a light activity have deep impact - and she is just an all-round incredible human."

Pam August

President at Connecting Potential and former Director of Culture Activation at WestJet

Finding hidden strength in imperfection

“The series of sessions helped me reassess my approach to work and life, and changed very fundamental aspects in my perception of myself and the environment…It was aimed at a certain goal in my career and, on top of achieving it, unveiled some bigger things… I am savouring the change, and I am curious about more results of these changes that will emerge with time.”

Coaching Client

Technology Startup

Put me at ease with what I was feeling

"Joanna’s questioning enabled me to really open up and get to the root cause of what I perceived was my problem. The journey over the three months we worked together has put me in a more confident place with my work and in a better place to deal with potential challenges that lie ahead."

Coaching Client

Business Owner

Curious to know more? 

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Mapping the Margins

Blogs exploring the threshold spaces of what makes life and work meaningful.

The Japanese concept of ma provides a space to feel the beauty of now - the meeting of the past and the future, the crack where the light gets in. Join me on a journey of metaphor spanning East, West and my family’s recent move to Australia.